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Source: Infinite aka Dale Francis Washed up rapper is a dirtbag broke loser…


Infinite aka Dale Francis Washed up rapper is a dirtbag broke loser – …

This has been rapper is a cheating liar. His 15 minutes of fame was up in the 90’s but he still acts like he’s a GOAT. He has multiple children with mulitple women one whom he currently lives with while running around the GTA f!$king any girl who believes his BS. His current wifey/baby mother pays his bills and his benz he drives while he gets the other women to give him money, pay for trips and buy him things. He is always broke and never pays for anything. He has spread DRDs and may even have kids even he doesnt know about. His specialty is vulnerable single moms who are lonely and lack confidence. He has no morals cause he will f$!k his friends girls or is babymothers friends. He is good with words and will twist anything to make you look like the bad guy. If you call him on his crap he will threaten to expose you or end your career.He has basically the same story for every girl which is he is single but lives with his baby mother to help take care of his kids. Claims he sleeps on the couch. He conveniently walked away free from a murder trial from 2010 that had a large amount of evidence against him but claims to be a G in the streets. Coincidentally he got back with his ‘rich’ baby mother around the same time he needed legal fees. Even then he was broke still living with his parents. There is credible sources showing his womanizing, cheating and using since at least 2006 including leaving his fiance at the alter. Has many women across GTA and even in other countries. If you comfront him about other women he claims he has stalkers or obsessed fans. Women beware his cute face and smooth words aint worth the craziness and less then average package. And to his current wifey/baby mother give your head a shake smarten up and run now while you still can.

Published at Thu, 22 Jul 2021 19:0:1 GMT

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