Discovered on: 2023-01-29 17:55:14

Source: Jackie Portillo Ratchet – The Dirty

Where to start. She is disloyal in every way. The most mentally unstable adult. She has nothing going for her. She talks trash about her friends and blames her faults and mistakes on them. She lashes out just like a Child. She will tell you that she changed , but nope, she is still stuck in her ratchet ways. She is a hair dresser (quickie included if you’re a guy, so I heard from a reliable source, and I believe that to be facts) . She was on a sugar daddy website looking for sugar daddy’s, acts like she works hard for her money and then judges some of her friends for doing it. If you were her friend, just know that she talked horribly about you. She talks about her friends like they have mental instabilities with guys when reality is, she’s the craziest person I’ve ever met. She is always drinking wine and crying. This girl is a Lieing, Cheating Golddigging piece of work. If you think of sleeping with her use a condom because she is high risk if you know what I mean. She purposefully sabotaged her friends relationship and when the girl called her out on it, she created a huge debacle over it. According to Jackie, AKA Trashie, all her friends are messed up except for her. From first hand experience, I highly doubt she’s a good one of her friends after what I experienced with her. She will fight with you then call you to help her, then go back to being ratchet once she got what she needed.

Discovered on Thu, 28 Jul 2022 19:3:1 GMT

Discovered at: Jackie Portillo Ratchet – The Dirty

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