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Source: Johanna Qvist aka, Johanna Bild aka Jojjo

Johanna Qvist aka, Johanna Bild aka Jojjo

What is the mindset of a [REDACTED] to become a Pornstar like Johanna Qvist aka, Johanna Bild aka Jojjo? Johanna has had massive plastic surgery to enlarge her breasts and buttocks to the level of a freak. Freaky anal porn is her speciality. How and why does a woman like Johanna get this to this level? Why not become a nanny like some other college students, or a waitress? Johanna Bild chose to be a porn star because it is easy and fast money. Having known a number of women that have done many pornos it’s not a matter of making someone do anything, usually it’s you doing what you want to do to stay on top. This may be anal, girl on girl, two guys, double penetration, urine, etc it could be anything. These roles generally pay higher. There have been companies that I have known that will pay a girl $5,000 dollars. The girls on screen generally are either under contract, or they are desperately trying to make a name for themselves. If you can handle the more extreme, you are more likely to be offered higher pay. Porn can be a horrible industry and there is a lot of drug abuse involved as many girls have to do some things that I can’t even imagine. That is not to say that all girls or guys struggle with it. Some may have genuine fantasies or fetishes. Although many of the girls you see screaming in pleasure on screen, are actually in pain and not enjoying it at all. Isn’t Johanna worried about her legacy? Which will follow her as a Pornstar with large tits forever. What due diligence did [REDACTED] do? How can someone in an ethical profession be so unethical? If you follow [REDACTED] on Instagram you see her family of friends are Porn stars like Trevor Dutch aka Trevor Dutch Shapiro who also makes his New York lifestyle living from Porn and floozing. Next time I go to get my annual Prostate examination for my local Nurse Nurse Practitioner I’m going to wonder what’s her legacy. [REDACTED]

Published at Wed, 17 Non 2021 18:3:1 GMT

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