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Kayla Welty

This Girl is Definitely the definition of a slore, She’s also very quit witch works to her advantage a year ago she got prego I’m pretty sure it was mine but dont know 100% well she starts a huge fight the disappears for two weeks and then when she needed money she calls me and uses the abortion she did not pay for as leverage on me saying i need 1000 dollars to get rid of this kid (you ruined my life… bla bla i hate you bla ) i knew the money was not for the abortion but i gave it to her anyway so she shows back up acts like everything was cool strutted that drd filled pu$$y around for a month until she was ready to take another 1000 from me and split to cali on unemployment needless to say she ended up back here no money late on all her cards car got repossessed and what do i do give her a place to stay get her car back cuz i thought i really did love this woman until i found her on seeking arrangements lookin for someone anyone to fuk her for 600 bucks i know for a fact this girl has drds and she don’t care to spread the love she is really sexy redhead works as a bartender at [REDACTED] tempe market place she gets off work early everyday and goes and fuks random guys off all shapes and sizes for money watch out for her shes a snake in the grass that dont give a fuk about anyone not even her own kid she said to me herself, i should have ran then

Published at Fri, 21 Jan 2022 18:3:1 GMT

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