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Source: Kelsi and Kayli Degregorio Vegas Twins

Kelsi and Kayli Degregorio Vegas Twins

Kelsi Degregorio has to be one of Vegas top 10 h0es. She is a home wrecker and family killer. She was married to a crazy guy Brian but come to find out he isn’t crazy he is just stupid for staying with her no matter how many times she cheats. She was hooking up with the ex boxer BJ but he quickly found that she is not intelligent and like all of his side chicks dropped her, he usually just gets Vegas floozys but she must have been free. Ladies go get checked if you slept with this scum guys make sure you double condom. Kelsi & Kayli look like the movie white chicks, they look like big a55 amazon’s. Big heads, long arms, long horse faces. They both are disgusting pigs, they sleep around with different guys every other month. They both work at Wyndham and hook up with several guys that work there. And let’s talk about fake, timeshare is like used car sales fake a55 people, fake hair, lips, chin, eyelashes, boobs, butt. They both get Botox and they are only 31 years old. Big wide a55 shoulders they truly look like tranny‘s. Keep clear of them and keep your man on a leash or you will fall victim to the twins nastiness and I don’t know for sure but probably sexually transmitted diseases. They have been on the dirty before but I’m surprised not more. I promise you this, once everyone sees this post the comments are going to be gas.

Published at Mon, 18 Oct 2021 19:3:1 GMT

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