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Source: Kisses and make ups are ON now! She must like it.


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» Kisses and make ups are ON now! She must like it.


Kisses and make ups are ON now! She must like it.

Periwinkle Dr
Warren Grove, NJ 08005 US

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Posted byPrivate 65 days ago

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Big Bully! Beats his little oriental wife up. We all here her screem and hope she “gets even” one day!

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CommentsWho Voted written by solitude 34 days ago Rating: 5 | Rate Comment: + – Did you ever think of calling the cops you stupid sack of ####? Hopefully she did leave him and she’s not dead somewhere. My friend was nearly beaten to death by her husband. All of the neighbors heard her desperately screaming for help. And people like YOU just stood there and listened. You should be ashamed of yourself!

written by babesbarn 58 days ago Rating: 3 | Rate Comment: + – She left him. YEAH!!!!!!! Anyway thats what I heard and its quiet over there.

written by bearsfan79 61 days ago Rating: 10 | Rate Comment: + – Get involved and call the police or you are just as guilty as he is

written by thegoodneighbor03 62 days ago Rating: 3 | Rate Comment: + – You should do her a favor. She might deny him beating her but cops are not dumb they will figure it out.

written by EyeInTheSky 63 days ago Rating: 15 | Rate Comment: + – I hope theres been some resoulution here. Problems like this just don’t go away. Its ok to be ‘that guy’ and file a report. I would suggest you do just that, especially. . . Especially if there are children in the home.

written by fedupinduxbury 63 days ago Rating: 20 | Rate Comment: + – you need to call the police when you hear or see this abuse. you need to call a domestic violence hotline and ask how you can help her. you could give her the number when he is not around. be sure he doesnt find out, offer to let her use your phone or computer to get her a prepaid cell phone etc. you’re as bad as he is by complaining nad not helping. most women are murdered by their husbands when they try to leave, so be very careful when you try to help. if you dont think she speaks english, let someone know. if there are kids in that house, call child protective services. geesh do something~ before he kills her.

written by PincheGabacho 63 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -26 | Rate Comment: + – Any woman dumb enough to live, associate, or talk to a man that beats her, deserves what she gets. They are two sick peas in a pod mind your own business.

written by thegoodneighbor03 62 days ago Rating: 2 | Rate Comment: + – maybe she cant leave or shell end up dead? think about thatr?

written by timA 63 days ago Rating: 6 | Rate Comment: + – Its people who DO mind, enough to help poor defenseless women…that help save lives. what a sucky attitude you have!

written by JAXJOHBG 63 days ago Rating: 14 | Rate Comment: + – The neighbor to the left/right and across the street need to take immediate action for the victims rights, health and lively-hood. I strongly suggest that these neighbors need to provide her a safe house atmosphere, where she can run to when this coward attacks her. 9 out of 10 times, cowards like this dont want outside intervention. The next time he attacks her, one or all of the neighbors should be calling 911 ASAP and then meet the Sheriff outside the house (because it’s definitely NO home). If she has any physical marks, law enforcement is obligated to arrest him right there on the spot … You neighbors can only testify to what you saw and heard. If it were my neighbor, I would give him the same medicine the next time I saw him “off” his property. Ignoring this will only escalate and intensify the violence. Non-action only adversely compounds the actions that any law enforcement agency can take. PROTECT THIS WOMAN AT ALL COST AND GET THIS COWARD OFF THE STREETS OF WARREN GROVE, NJ & OCEAN COUNTY, NJ “NOW”. Accordingly, I am forwarding this entry to the Ocean County Prosecutors Office ([email protected]). May God Bless all. My thoughts and prayers are with the victim.

written by lanp84 63 days ago Rating: 13 | Rate Comment: + – umm… sounds like YOU might be the bad neighbor. YOU REALLY NEED TO CALL THE POLICE.

written by quietlywatching 65 days ago Rating: 12 | Rate Comment: + – Yes! Call the police! if you dont that poor little thing is gonna have a funeral instead of bruises one day! Maybe she’s afraid to call and she needs someone to step in and help her.

written by PincheGabacho 60 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -5 | Rate Comment: + – That’s a brilliant attitude. You obviously know little about battered women. There seems to be two distinct types, other than those who are battered once or twice and have enough common sense and self respect to not stay. The two types are generally as follows, those that seek abusive men and agitate them, and those that are just so full of self-hatred that they feel they deserve it. Do you know what happens when you lock up the man that beats her? She goes out and gets another one. My friend married a woman that was a poor battered girl. The first night I met her she went on and on about all the men that beat her. I asked her if she ever got help, and her response was that she didn’t need the help it was the sick low life men that beat her that had the problem… The next day my friend called me. He was most excited because he’d been single for several years. When he asked me what I thought of her I told him to never date her again. She’s a battered woman, a very sick individual that refuses to get help; furthermore, I advised him that if he stayed with her two things would happen, 1 he would eventually beat her, or 2 she would leave him because he isn’t the type to beat a woman. He told me I was sick. Three years later, I went to visit, which I didn’t do often because being around this woman was painful. It was like walking on eggshells. You had to watch every word, look, and gesture lest you get a tirade from her. On my visit three years later, my friend reminded me about what I’d said years earlier. He said he thought I was very wrong about it, that he would never hit a woman, and that she would see how nice he was. He looked me in the eye and said that for the past year she would egg him on every day after work. She would say and do things that were very hurtful. Knowing all her husbands insecurities, she would purposely do and say things that would hurt him. I didn’t want to tell him I told you so; hence, I just listened to him. I told him to leave her that she is not willing to get help. I also told him that I don’t care how even tempered he is, one day he could be weak, in a bad mood, and everybody has a breaking point. Or, if he didn’t beat her soon, she would leave him. Well, he stayed with this “poor battered woman” that wasn’t getting her lumps that she so desperately wanted. It was about a year later. This poor battered woman left my friend sell off his house, pay for her college tuition, she never worked and went to school for the last two years of their marriage. Upon graduation, she talked my friend into paying off her school loans with the money my friend got from selling his house, which he owned before he even met the woman. As soon as she graduated, had him pay off her loans, she summarily kicked him out, filed for divorce, and alimony. Within a week of him leaving, I learned that she moved in a new man, one that beat her. Now this poor battered woman can be regularly seen sporting a shiner.

The moral of the story is that the majority of battered women get the men that they deserve. I can see a once and done thing, people make mistakes, but time after time, year after year, did you ever stop to consider that a lot of these women are sick? Battered women are rarely innocent. Let the fool beat her. If she had half a brain, she’d let him get good and drunk, pass out on the sofa, and then beat him half to death with a blunt object. Oh, but that would cause a real problem because he’d probably stop beating her, and then she’d have to go find a new man to do the dirty work just so she could play the poor victim.

written by ChattanoogaGirl 65 days ago Rating: 17 | Rate Comment: + – If it is so bad, why not call 911?

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