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Source: Kiwifarms Inner Circle Drama


Ask yourself, what is the difference between this various figures? is there one at all?

Kim Wilson legs also known as (archive)
Kim Wilson (archive) she has only recently been recognized as a troll by far despite her involvement going far back to the pvcc.
champthon the fedora tipping atheist admin of the cwckiforums and pvcc oldfag even tried to shield Kim here.



1634380341465.png (archive)


For more info on these two who pretended to be family members GFs and gal pals of CWC as they coaxed him into Tomgirl territory, consult this OP on the closure of The private “PVCC” board, one of the missing names in the Op is Thetan, the other missing name is axiom who played Catherine. (one of the very few to give CWC her real nudes)
Source for claim here. (archive)

1634717562028.png (archive) / (archive)
Also played uncle al and LOL the guy who raided cwcs house mad this profile private.



Spoiler: part of the op

1634382286150.png (archive)



1634717544744.png /
The supposed Jessica Quinn (JQ) made a couple posts and was swiftly banned never verified but curious.


Last but not least the idea guys who got should of CWC by commissioning art, proceeded to RP;3 inserted /pol/ “humor” in CWCville, used the ongoing faggotry of the CWCville rebellion to validate that his town was under attack, extorted etc.
the third idea guy or maybe 4th resurfaced and gave logs to the CWCki.
All the while he was pming members of the farms and taking suggestions.
one of his partners in crime Stephen Boyd, since a few crimes were committed on par with Clyde Cash using CWC for money. ( ( ( (archive)






Stephen Boyd picked up where Joshua Wise left off.
The third idea guy is listed below.
[email protected] ( ( ( (archive)



the third or 4th idea guy since its not confirmed he’s the same one who leaked the logs recently. (archive)

1634380531024.png (archive)


The captain made several attempts to get into the cwc inner circle, the one which brought him the most attention (until he was doxed yet again later Down the line by The teen troon squad and argh my cigar).
He managed to dox himself as Jack and posted this imgur link as “proof” of him and Megan being BFFs on FB, he wanted all of KF to take part in a poll Which would Decide weather or not he would interview Megan.
( archive of the imgur post

1634381575459.png…interview-for-my-youtube-channel-ideas.18272/ (
March 11th The Captain makes this thread where he vies for KF’s attention, and less than a month later a thread on him is made.




1634381510883.png (archive)

naught · Oct 16, 2021 at 7:55 AM

” style=”cursor: pointer;”>1634380664604.png (archive)


Relevant links ( ( (
troon squad vs captain ( (

Lukas Simpkins. (Legal name: Lillie Celeste Simpkins.
127 Walton Drive, Lynchburg, VA, 24502
archive of the imgur (
archive of the pastebin (

Click to expand… (archive) (

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Discovered at: Kiwifarms Inner Circle Drama

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