Discovered on: 2023-02-14 17:45:20

Source: KRISTA NOVVA Youtube THOT (daddy’s lol girl 😉 – The Dirty

Knew her since early HS lived in south Montreal near her in Lasalle area Currently going by KRISTA NOVVA on Youtube Where her chancel is built on acting like a gamer/nerd girl but she is only doin that cuz she knows pathetic horny men will thirst 4 her. She never had ne interest in Xbox or PS3/4 or comps. till recently but always wanted to be famous . Watch her sh1tz so bad lmfao. Where to begin thoooo?? Way back in HS she played the sweet kind girl but was always tryin to flirt w/ literally ne guy. At age **16** during a convention met a **married** man that was 44 yrz old nd she found out he is a agent for entertainment ppl nd on 1st day meeting went to a room n she nd she the fukked RAW, no protection nd she swallowed his load. Didn’t care she was draining a old MARRIED dudes milk. They over the next yr or 2 or so would meet up JUST so she could be DADDYSSS LIL GIRL! Oh ya that was her username on dating sites where she met guys that also got see her moan in bed on 1st dates! Should clarify that often when meeting dudes on sites, she had BFs. She has no self esteem so she will bend over for mainly ne guy …I am friends with 1 dude she messed with while dating her BF Carl nd she don’t even know that he secretly filmed nd has a video of her blowin him n she eagerly lets him dump a nasty load right on her face n she ate it all ..funny to think her BF was kissin a face my buddy prolly just before dumped his nut all over! 🤣 She also dated some dude before him she cheated on nd she even then dumped her BF to get with some dude she met online nd used him to she was choking down her ex BFs when she was with that dude to. Also don’t let her pic fool y’all!! Girl edits her pix like crazy nd if ya saw her in person you’d see she has no body at all! Curves of a 12 yr old boy Her youtube career is fake af btw. Girl ain’t a gamer 🤣 till she started youtube she just played smash bros now n then. Now she is all into starwars nd DBZ to. I never once in all of HS ever heard her mention either one!! She is SO FAKE OMG!! She is also so cold heartedly cruel on a scary level when she no longer has use for friends she will cut ya outta her life literally like you never meant a thing to her. Sam nd Dee both tried to warn me to how she is nd so lazy!!! She is also doing youtube cuz she dropped outta school nd can’t get a job so she is just gonna look cute on camera n beg for donations on twitch nd hope enough horny fans donate to her. Oh nd the dude she works for on geeks & gamers, I’d bet she has been on her knees for by now cuz that dude it’s come out has tried to use his status to get with his female underlings. a former girl he worked with [T***S***W***G***] did a livestream saying how he came very close to sexual assault!! Can’t get over how at 16 she on same day she met a 44yr old MARRIED MAN name Sean n took that load. That’s all ya really gotta even know to know what kinda girl she is. Oh… n ya she did know he was married to. Still… she took her milk, like DADDYS LIL GIRL.

Discovered on Sun, 17 Jul 2022 2:30:2 GMT

Discovered at: KRISTA NOVVA Youtube THOT (daddy’s lol girl 😉 – The Dirty

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