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Source: Kristy Lefteruk aka kreeks lefters


Kristy Lefteruk aka kreeks lefters

So this girl from the start is a mess, she often is on sites like Craig’s list selling underwear or other sites like what’s your price using multiple accounts with numerous names, any time she has a boyfriend its not because she cares about him but needs someone to mooch from she never admits to having a boyfriend and often initiates sex with pretty much anyone and especially those with drugs. She cheats every chance she gets then lies about it to the point she almost believes she didn’t. She once sucked a guy off in alberta and her reason was “the girl that was there looked like she was a ripe 18 and the dealer said someone stole the bag and I didn’t want her to have to go through with it so I just sucked him off” and she says it like she did a good thing. She also has made claim that since she couldn’t pass math and English in the selkirk comp she ended up having sex with the teachers in the classroom, like maybe study next time and you won’t have to sell yourself. She uses people for meth and keep a steady eye on her because she likes to pocket things she can later trade as merch for her habits. Shes nice only when she wants something but the moment you ask her something she will block you and and treat you like sh1t. Had it not been for her current bf which she cheats on a lot she would probably be dead from an over dose or in jail. She is a selfish narcissist

Published at Wed, 12 Jan 2022 18:3:1 GMT

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