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Like HitlerPosted by Private 8 days ago

RATINGW Executive Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500 USThe Greatest Warlord, #### Bush           

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CommentsWho Voted written by J.D 8 days ago Rating: 0 | Rate Comment: + – He’s also prevented any futher terror attacks since 9-11-01. If Mr. Kerry was in the White House we probably would have had a couple during his time!! Saddam Hussien and his Boy’s were brutal dictators and deserved their justice. Don’t you remember the inspector’s had found weapon’s of mass destruction in Iraq before they were booted out by Hussien. They don’t dissappear on thier own. Probably given to Syria, Iran, or North Korea before we attacked! I don’t like our men and women dying either and I think we should come home soon, but what was done was necessary. Look how many years Iraq violated U.N. Order’s. Trying to shoot our planes out of the sky, not letting inspector’s into sights, and kicking inspector’s out of the country. Do You remember this? Terror killed our economy not our president. Country’s in the Middle East are holding us hostage with their high oil prices which has hurt our economy. America will bounce back if the right president is elected! If someone gets elected that hasn’t a clue what it is to be President of The United States, then we are in serious trouble. You think things are bad now, if a certain someone gets elected U.S.A is in big trouble!!!!

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