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Source: Lisa Dorenfast. Alcholic, pepsi addict, sex worker – The Dirty

When I met this person she seemed the best girl ever. Sexy, lovely , would cook for me… but what started as a dream turned into a nightmare. Should’ve just had one night stand and left this person. It turned out she’s an alcoholic, a pepsi addict and a sex worker. She’s really good at hiding it a first. Cheated on me, was in contact with guys at all times. She probably slept with 300-400 guys. She’ll sleep with every guy she has around and tell you they’re friends. She is very manipulative and a very good liar. Even being pregnant didn’t stop her from being a garbage human and of course she lost the baby. She has a pattern of violence and abuse to her exes. Wasn’t the only one the had to get surgery cause of her. She does and repeats the same things with all the people she is with. She steals and she is spiteful and vindictive and then she abuses the legal system to get back at people (restraining orders, fake police reports..). She’ll tell you she’s looking for unconditional love, that she’s only been with 10 guys in her life, that she was abused.. all lies. She’s a garbage human . If you date this person you’ll end up either dead or in jail. Stay away !!

Discovered on Fri, 28 Oct 2022 2:30:3 GMT

Discovered at: Lisa Dorenfast. Alcholic, pepsi addict, sex worker – The Dirty

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