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Source: Liz Crawford and her Clowder of feral cats

Liz Crawford and her Clowder of feral cats

This is Liz Crawford one of wpg’s loneliest souls. Shes a jealous conniving women always wanted to be a model but her plus sized hips wouldn’t allow. She used money from her ex to start Swish Models and pretty much begged her brother for more to start up [REDACTED]. Liz preaches love and family but the minute you disagree you’ll be sitting on the curb and blacklisted forsure. These feral cats on her side are her backstabbing, lower than low, thugs. Grace shouldn’t be referred to as a cat cause she’s more of a pug. She in so many ways is Liz… a chubby wannabe who couldn’t make it in the business. Pugsley will do anything for Liz but after long days of doing her dirty work she stays home eating a gallon of ice cream and rewatching friends! Meaghan comes off as sweet and nice… she’ll do everything a grown “scene” child might think she should do. If theres a cause she “supports” it, to keep that image in check but really she doesn’t. She’ll manipulate you to believe in the greater good mean while laughs and rips it apart behind your back. The contest she won isn’t relevant anymore so she has to find a way to! Maybe that’s why she let’s her bb cheat all the time! Negative attention is good attention right? Finally Rayna… probably the prettiest of the bunch! A real spinster that’s fuken being nice… if you have blow or somebody’s elses boyfriend shes down for both! If you have money even better, she’ll travel cross country for free trip and a lay! Liz is grooming these cats to be like her but they are so blind by her fake love and caring tha they’ll end up just like her! A jealous lonely old wannabe “boss” lady!

Published at Thu, 26 Aug 2021 19:0:1 GMT

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