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Source: Macy Thelen dirtiest sugar baby around

Macy Thelen dirtiest sugar baby around

Macy thelen will suck you off for a couple dollars and some weed. This poor girl will get on her hands and knees for a meal. Macy plays dumb and acts like she forgets every disgusting thing she does. Just a couple weeks ago she was on the men’s bathroom floor at the bar giving out free bl0wjobs in her thong having people do lines off her. Buy her a few shots and you don’t even have to pay for sex she will give it out for fun. Her favorite is sleeping with you for drugs. This sugar baby sleeps with a heroin dealer for drugs and tries getting all her friends involved in her lifestyle but when she gets called out for it she will blame anything she can on anyone else. If you’re looking for a cheap easy sloot, macy thelen is the one. The girl is known for having the loosest vag as every guy who sleeps with her talks about how her vag is gapping. It makes sense that her vagina gaps when her body count in the hundreds. Someone needs to get this girl medical help for her chemically imbalanced brain and maybe they can stitch up her gapping vag. A walking drd. All she does is talk bad about people and tell her friends business to anyone who will listen because she is so desperate for approval which is also why she will do anything sexually for a couple dollars. Someone help this mentally unstable girl, she knows she is too lazy and stupid to have any job that will pay her over minimum wage so her job is being a full time sugar baby/floozy.

Published at Wed, 8 Sep 2021 19:0:1 GMT

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