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Source: Melly Mackaveli 🚨 🚨 Look what the cat barfed up 🤮 🤢 ☣️

Melly Mackaveli 🚨 🚨 Look what the cat barfed up 🤮 🤢 ☣️

So this repulsive dirty disgusting baboon face piece of sh1t mutt B1tch is so fuking pathetic. Her and her hood rat 🐀 opioid addicted boyfriend seem to get arrested and their sh1tty dive home raided by cops on a regular basis. Possession of Meth, [email protected], op1oids oxy’s, etc.. . She tries to convince everyone that it’s ok tho because it’s all personal use for her pathetic piece of sh1t drug addicted chug boyfriend. But we all know the truth smelly Melly.. you’re both lowlife hood rats with no jobs or future and that’s why you sell drugs. Your skanky Smelly [email protected] fans only page is hurt’n so bad. Who the fuk would pay money to look at your stretched out sloppy mit!? hahahaha you fuking cvnt!! 🖕🏾 Anyone who is friends, follows, or supports Melanie Stank Box Rope is also a disgusting low life piece of useless sh1t! Haha Good day

Published at Tue, 30 Mar 2021 15:22:49 GMT

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