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WARNING TO ALL WOMEN – Regina, Saskatchewan/ Calgary, Alberta and surrounding areas. DO NOT BE FOOLED- This uplifting, positive, fitness enthusiast is not the guy he claims or portrays to be. His social media exemplifies a healthy, family oriented, charismatic, hopeless romantic who has been dealt a sh1tty deck of cards. He says all the right things (quoting from the novels “Love & Respect” or “The 5 Love Languages”. However, he is the epitome of talking the talk but not walking the walk. BEWARE of this NARCISSIST! Us women are made to believe that he is rebuilding his life after a terrible separation from his children’s “crazy” mother. At the start of his relationships he appears to be the dad of the year but again…this is not the case. Lucky for this 41 years old guy he has been living with his retired elderly parents who will tend to his children while he is spending his time with one of his many girlfriends. If his parents can’t watch the kids he will use his sisters daughters to babysit so he can slip out for a quickie. If all else fails, he will bring his children along to his affairs. He has managed to teach his oldest son to lie and the other two are too young to understand what their dad is doing with all these women. Mitch Lazar has cheating down to an art. It is no wonder he regularly is unemployed. CHEATING/LYING is his full time job. He has his daytime, night time, weekend, and every other weekend girls. Women with children and a busy life are his preference. Single mothers are easy to keep track of schedule and location wise. They also often come from broken marriages themselves so an easy target to manipulate. However, just because your childless doesn’t mean he won’t pursue you either. Gym goers [REDACTED]are the gyms he will frequent. He is bold enough to take multiple women to the same gym at multiple times. But accidentally getting caught is not an issue because he regularly phones/texts to check in on his other girlfriends location and can walk away and take calls on his headphones. Below is a summary list of RED FLAGS that were encountered during our time together RED FLAGS -PHONE- hides screen/ on silent/ off / no BT on when you are in the car with him. -SPORADIC AVAILABILITY- Checks to make sure your free but leaves you waiting all day/night. This ensures you stay put/reassures him you aren’t out cheating on him. -SLEEPS WITH HIS KIDS- Says his kids want him to cuddle them in bed. Claims to have fallen asleep but in fact he has gone out with one of his girlfriends. -PICTURE COLLECTION- He has an extensive collection of pictures to prove where he is and takes pictures regularly. He expects the same from you. If you don’t prove your whereabouts he will throw a hissy fit that you are cheating on him or lying to him. -HEALTH/LIFE – He loves to post about health/fitness. Meanwhile he is anything but healthy physically/mentallly. Eating out (on your dime) is a regular occurrence. Likes to frequent [REDACTED]. While you gain weight (becoming insecure and feeling less desirable to others – which in his mind keeps you from leaving him) he just pumps more PEDs into this system to counteract his poor habits. -CABIN (Tobin Lake) – He regularly goes out here. Sometimes he will break up with you because he needs space or tell you that there is no service out there. Sorry ladies…there is service out there and he doesn’t need space. He just needed a holiday away with his other girlfriend. -FAMILY DRAMA- His parents own a house in Regina & Calgary along with the cabin. He is very unhappy when his “abusive/mean” father is in town. He is a Mama’s boy. Claims to be spending time with her and being helpful around the house when she is home. Just because he introduces you to his lovely parents doesn’t mean anything. They are aware of the multiple women he brings home but say nothing. Which I don’t blame them. Their man child has a nasty temper when anyone tries to call him out on his sh1t. -PROJECTION- Is a real thing in psychology. IF he accuses you of doing something…(like cheating) it is because HE himself is cheating. -WEAPON OF GUILT- Using YOUR past against you. It is amazing how many arguments began because of something HE did. But then turn into an argument about something you did in your past with a guy he has never met that is completely unrelated. He is ALWAYS the victim. -LIMP D1CK- Unfortunately, because he has so many women on the go at his age…He has some difficulties keeping it up for his multiple times a day. It is definitely NOT YOU it is him. So don’t feel hurt ladies. It is best you steer clear of his multicolor p3nis anyways. He has a habit of not showering or washing between women. YUCK! Oh, and did I mention…because he sure as hell won’t. He has DRD. I could go on and on about the countless other things that this guy does to manipulate women, make them feel stuck, or like they can’t do better. It has been a long time coming but this is your warning from the past women to the future women to steer clear of Mitch Lazar. Save your time and energy, keep your peace, and find someone who will truly compliment the life you are trying to build for yourself/your family.

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