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Cherry Creek Pky S
Columbus, OH 43228 US

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Posted byPrivate 4 days ago

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This is a rental home, owned by someone in Marble Cliff. Its now rented by, to my count about 15 people which happen to be Mexican, that’s not racist, just the facts. They have busted out the screen door, all the screen windows, they have minimum of 7 auto’s, many of which are parked all over the street with busted windows, dents, just junk piles. They have hooked in illegally to cable, which runs thru the front window, they put a card table and cook food in the front yard, while getting plastered. I have witnessed their kids taken a potty in the yard. Old tires stacked up drawing mosquito’s. I thought house’s were for single families? where is the law. It’s hideous!

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CommentsWho Voted written by mikerich300 1 day 21 hours ago Rating: 6 | Rate Comment: + – jackson is right tricky is a moron and more than likely a ###### himself the illegals are a bad problem here in alabama also i actually lost a job several years ago because my boss hired an illegal and what was worse i had to train him boss brought him over told me to train him then come see him did that got handed a pinkslip told he could work him cheaper needless to say the ###### got punked on his way home that afternoon i jumped him and stomped him half to death next week i got called by my former boss asking me to come to work i told him to kiss my @$$

written by bullsbay1 1 day 21 hours ago Rating: 2 | Rate Comment: + – where I live the Brazilians have taken over. They have taken over five large apt complexes and leave trash all over the streets,I can imagine what the inside of their houses look like. They have started restaurants and bars and now we have drunken Brazilians. They can’t drive , and have no insurance. It SUXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

written by dporter 1 day 21 hours ago Rating: 0 | Rate Comment: + – Yeah, but do they make good tamales? That’s the real question.

written by serialmom63 1 day 23 hours ago Rating: 3 | Rate Comment: + – we had a mexican family move in next door to me once, 5 kids 2 adults in a one bedroom. they brought cockroaches with them

written by jackson2008 3 days ago Rating: 3 | Rate Comment: + – tricky, tricky, tricky……..that is a perfect name for you, you BIG liar. QUOTE FROM TRICKY “they are just taking back part of the country that was theirs to begin with, get an education”. I SAID,” we fought a war and mexico signed an agreement saying california is the property of the U.S.”. look at your ratings on that comment -16. look at my comment +10. Next posting QUOTE FROM TRICKY… “ive been to just about every battlefield in the U.S.” tricky, tricky…..i gave you the benefit of the doubt and said 60 years ago we were attacked by the japanese at pearl harbor, i dont think you were there???? THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A BATTLEFIELD IN THE U.S. THAT YOU HAVE BEEN ON UNLESS YOU FOUGHT IN THE CIVIL WAR! tricky……SO MANY LIES! tricky, i dont hate anyone but i do not like lawbreakers and LIARS! YOU HAPPEN TO BE A BIG LIAR! come to california and see what illegal immmigration is doing to our country…it is destroying it! look at every rating your postings have, people are disagreeing with you quite strongly! tricky, try to tell the truth, you told one person, “way to stand up for your free speech rights” AND you called me a jack#$#. But then in a heartbreaking turn of events, you get mad at me for doing what you praised as free speech. tricky, you are an idiot and you know it! dont be such a big liar. tell the truth.

written by Tricky 3 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -7 | Rate Comment: + – but he started it. he called me an idiot first. So Jackson why don’t you go join the minute men?

written by doggg222 3 days ago Rating: 6 | Rate Comment: + – tricky, you fight with everyone. i may not be very smart, but at least i dont have to call people names like you do. ive read jacksons stuff and ive read your stuff and he is right and you are wrong. try to be nicer to people.

written by Tricky 3 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -10 | Rate Comment: + – Well doggg your an idiot too. I never told anyone to not call anyone names can you people read? also I never get a response to my questions. just some stupid rantings. So when I come by Cali I’ll pick you up and take you to the Alamo.

written by doggg222 3 days ago Rating: 5 | Rate Comment: + – jackson, you are right, tricky makes a bunch of stuff up! first he tells people not to call people names, then he calls people bad names. he says mexico is just taking their land back…thats noy right, this is the usa. tricky is wrong

written by Tricky 3 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -12 | Rate Comment: + – oh dumb one. I have spent many years living in CA I will be there next week. It’s my favorite state. Anyways like I should need to say anything more google battlefields. I have been to the preserved civil war battlefields. Alamo you name it so go #### off loser. I could care less about ratings the ratings are coming from hateful people who are possibly just flat out racist. GET AN EDUCATION STOP STEALING FROM YOUR BOSS SCREWING AROUND ALL DAY ON THE COMPUTER

written by bandit211 3 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -4 | Rate Comment: + – jackson, this country is more than 60 years old and there are plenty of battlefields around. Stop with the name-calling and learn your history. I’m not sure how you can presume that someone isn’t paying enough taxes, either. You need to calm down and post rationally. You’re getting out of control.

written by jackson2008 3 days ago Rating: 4 | Rate Comment: + – shut up bandit, the last “war” fought inside the U.S. is what your fellow idiot, “tricky”, was talking about……and i know he doesnt pay much taxes because he tells us what he does for a living. so, why dont you learn how to read a little better and then comment. i am passionate when it comes to the subject of ILLEGAL aliens…we are giving our country and our money away for no good reason. but now i can sort of see why this is happening when we have such STUPID people like “bandit” and “tricky” living in the U.S.

written by jackson2008 3 days ago Rating: 6 | Rate Comment: + – tricky, you say, “ive been to just about every battlefield in the U.S.” you stupid a hole….what battlefieds are you talking about since every battlefield in the last 60 years has been OUTSIDE of the united states!!! you stupid, brain dead IDIOT. you are a big liar and you are stupid…..what a combo! how much money are you making over there? hard working civil servants, you and your daddy. i dont think your dumb daddy knows to much about the subject you say he is teaching! how much taxes can you possibly pay on your income? i know the answer, not to much! i dont hate anyone, i just think that the laws of my country should be obeyed!!! is that hate? NO, it is not. tricky, people like you dont deserve to live in this great country! it is the attitudes and stupid thinking like yours and idiots like you that is making our country go down the toilet.

written by Tricky 3 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -6 | Rate Comment: + – You should reread my post and then comment. I am no longer in the service and as for how much I pay in taxes and my income level well lets just say my neighborhood looks nothing like the one the lady here lives in. I happen to do very well for myself. your response is so ludacris you really deserve no reply at all. Where is your respect? It’s hard I guess to show respect for others when you have non for yourself I guess. Make sure when these other soldiers and vets come home or just whenever you see a vet or soldier, why don’t you just go kick them in the teeth? I fought for uneducated people like you, to be here spouting off on a subject you know so little about. anyways I really don’t have the time to waste talking to you. I shouldn’t live here? No you should not you should be on hate island.Disrespectful of teachers and vets and our soldiers. whats next, firemen?Well you said it yourself your down on civil servants. Who will you insult next. What do you do that makes you the king of arrogance and ignorance?

written by bandit211 4 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -2 | Rate Comment: + – hey dowapdiddywap, wake up. Illegals do NOT have a right to be in this country, that’s why they are called ILLEGALS. Immigrants do have a right to be here. They came through proper channels, with paperwork to prove it. Get an education.

written by Ghostrider012 4 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -1 | Rate Comment: + – I feel for you. I had a group of illegal Mexicans living next door to me. 20 people in a 3 bedroom house, barking dogs cars everywhere. And thats not even taking into consideration of the trash in the yard, unkept yard and the broken christmas lights on the house. Thank god my county passed a quality of life ordinance that forced the illegals out. Now we have nice legal Americans living next door.

written by doowapdiddywap 4 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -10 | Rate Comment: + – Funny how quickly we forget where we come from. A couple generations back you all would have been called immigrants. The illegals have as much right as we do to be in this conuntry. And most of them work harder than any of the so called status quo Americans.

written by jackson2008 3 days ago Rating: 6 | Rate Comment: + – you are almost as dumb as tricky…..nope, i was wrong, you are dumber! illegals have NO right to be in the U.S.A. i was born in california so have every right to be here!! people like you are destroying our once great country with your STUPID thinking and logic!

written by Tricky 4 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -14 | Rate Comment: + – Oh yeah war. War is right. Always gotta have a war. For your information Jackson or is it jack a**? I’ve been to just about every battlefield in the US. You do not need to tell me about history my father is a history teacher. I know more than I care too about our great country. Not to mention I’ve been in 39 of the states. and I served in the Marines my whole family served in the armed forces. Oh yeah and I too pay taxes. Hate is never ok.

written by daune2001 4 days ago Rating: 6 | Rate Comment: + – We call them mexicans because thats what they are!Should we say people from mexico who seem to always multiply quickly without even having sex.

I live in an apartment building and across from me there are about 15 people living in a one room apartment.Tons of kids outside my door everyday,all day screaming and yelling .The adults are just as bad.They live on the steps outside both our doors.Blocking the entrance for everyone.And they are all from from mexico.

In america most people have this thing called consideration for others.Ever heard of it?

written by Tricky 4 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -23 | Rate Comment: + – So they’re taking back part of the country that was theirs to begin with. Get an education.

written by jackson2008 4 days ago Rating: 13 | Rate Comment: + – tricky, what a complete IDIOT you are! um, we fought a war and won and mexico signed an agreement giving california to the united states. you are so stupid.

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