Discovered on: 2023-01-24 11:25:40

Source: Morgan McLachlan the Biggest Phoney Skater Chick. – The Dirty

Heres Morgan McLachlan – this chick is nothing but a huge phony attention ho3. Shes only got into skateboarding so she can f0ck most of the skater boys and to act annoyingly “cool”. Most of her Skateboarding videos are over the top phoney, lame and watching her cheap Skateboarding videos makes you feel nothing but Cringe. Because she ain’t cool or how she assumes she sees herself in those videos. Shes rude to others she dislikes for no reasons. And will even give off that energy near the chicks she doesnt like, she won’t smile to you, but look annoyed with you for no reason, if you’re another chick at the skatepark shes at. But she will show you’re boyfriend all smiling faces and phony eye looks at him like a real ho3 does. She has hooked up, plus ho3ed it up with at lease 97% of all them skaterboys in Winnipeg. And dislikes any girls dating skaterboys. Probably because she never got the chance to f0ck them! Shes always skatingborad around at each skatepark all over in Winnipeg. I wouldn’t trust her to be around my bf for a minute because she’s always trying to flirt up a storm with other girls bfs as soon as you leave for a bit… Keep you’re distance though from her especially if she’s never f0cked you’re bf yet. Because she will do just that, if she ever got the chance to.

Discovered on Tue, 23 Aug 2022 2:30:3 GMT

Discovered at: Morgan McLachlan the Biggest Phoney Skater Chick. – The Dirty

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