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Source: neighbors from #### !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

neighbors from #### !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Posted by Private 22 days ago

RATINGKeltonshire Rd
Parma, OH 44129 USA BIG FAT BULLY lives on this st. and has nothing better to do than make your life #### if you do any little thing that bothers him. In fact all the rest of the neighbors on the st.kiss his BIG ### to stay on his good side and not be the next victim of daily harassment. By the way don’t expect any help from the authorities, in fact matters got worse with them involved. Stay away from the entire city. Area Foreclosures988 ft²3.00 Bed1.00 Bath$44900.00859 ft²2.00 Bed1.00 Bath$42900.00704 ft²2.00 Bed1.00 Bath$49400.00          

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CommentsWho Voted written by DesertRat 22 days ago Rating: 0 | Rate Comment: + – What does he do and why to people pay any attention to him if he is such ********?

If he comes on to your property insist he leave. If he does not call the cops. Use pepper spray if its in compliance with local laws.

Supply details if you want suggestions that can actually help

written by J.D 22 days ago Rating: 0 | Rate Comment: + – All the neighbor’s and you need to join forces and start bothering him. If everyone is against him I doubt he will be bulling anyone!! Give him doses of his own medicine in big ways. I’ve said before and I will say it again, strength is in numbers. Rally the troops!!

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