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Source: NFL Chef Chris Fun Hook Up, Chick he with does not care if he cheats…

Ive written a few posts on this site involving men I thought were single but turned out not to be single. Sadly this generation is full of massive liars and manipulators. But honestly I want to say bad things about this smooth talker NFL Chef. When I met him he got me hooked he was able to almost love bomb me but then I caught on quickly because I have been through it before. I reached out to the girl he is with thinking I was doing the right thing. Letting her know hey this man since you got to cali has not been faithful to you. Then I just came to find out the woman he is actually with now was the one he cheated with on his ex who he was actually engaged to. Reason I found this out because the email I wrote her somehow got blamed on the ex. And because of me she was getting harassed which sucks but what can I do. And she reached out to me asking me what I said, apparently my nice email not only got him slandering her name again but the whole issue him cheating became none existent. Not my problem of course, I wont ever sleep with ever again. And I guess she also confronted this chick because they were also sleeping together recently again. Apparently the girl now he is with I am sorry but I have seen pics is not nothing special. And ladies if you want fun she does not care clearly she was okay destroying a relationship and okay with this man trashing another female and sadly all lies. I am sure he spreads awful things about any ex. Basically he is a serial cheater and clearly a serial liar/manipulator. I was definitely thrown off when I got the email from the ex expressing that what I wrote has caused him to attack her and is trying everything possible to destroy her life. All I did was tell the chick be careful he has been sleeping with multiple people since day one. I even hear a most recent podcast of him with his client and the story even behind this new chick I now know is a bull face lie. It is sad how people can lie so easily and not think once that lies always get exposed. I feel like live life with honesty lies catch up. They always do. Why can’t men and woman just be true and real. Anyways he is a amazing hook up ill give him that. But he does not used condoms and once I found out he sleeps around I would be careful ladies and go get checked just in case. I feel bad for his most recent ex after hearing this podcast I am sure she is just dying inside from the lies on how he met his chick. Like I said I heard the story and you know I do not believe ex fiancé or girlfriends. But When you have a paper trail and have hard evidence hard to ignore the actual truth. But I do feel bad for her now after hearing the lie on the podcast he just expressed. So sad honestly how he even has Kelly manipulated. Truly saddens me. Here is the actual truth “We were together 8 years engaged 2 years. Kelly posted a photo of the 3 of them on instagram and multiple females slid into his dms. I found out he cheated in Newport. I went onto his insta and messaged a few that I was uneasy with I messaged the chick he is with now and this was march 2020. She knew he was in a relationship and she still kept messaging him and the met up in June when I was out of town for work and the hooked up. All she ever was to him was a hook up he even told her that one time she was a fuk and peace and I have the text to prove it. But she kept pushing her way in did anything possible to make him hate me and she was successful. He lies about why I moved back to cali with him says he never asked me. But are plan was move here together and rebuild our relationship. I came up to la when I first got to cali and I even asked him if he was seeing anyone and he lied and said no working on myself. I have the text still asking me to move closer so I moved up here because he asked me. Not knowing the woman he met 4 times for sex moved out here to and was living with him. He broke up with me by me dropping a box off to him and she came running out after my dog. He slanders my name and spreads lies. But sadly I have hard copies of texts dating back to feb 2020. Because I knew there would be a day I needed the world to know the real truth about him and her.” He works for NFL LA Rams players as a chef so if you’re able to catch his interest you can probably do what the chick he is with now get into the circle and get into the connection and get spoiled like her. Sucks how some of the bad chicks get all the luck but then again I wouldn’t date him I would just hook up with him because he came across very very selfish. But anyways. Just look him up on instagram f2f private catering he isn’t single but that does not stop him. Also like I said chick does not care if he cheats she’s only with him for the sh1t that comes with him clearly. But yea want fun he is it but relationship run for the hills but then again hes with someone who does not care.

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