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Source: Nicole Blankenship Narcissistic Clown Who Thinks She Knows How to Run …


Nicole Blankenship Narcissistic Clown Who Thinks She Knows How to Run …

Yup, we are talking about Nicole Blankenship. AKA @thebrowproject_. Before we get into the nitty gritty of it all, I’ll start by saying she is the most emotionally unstable person I have probably ever met. And it’s time for someone to call her out for her consistent toxic positivity, gaslighting, and how she slanders everyone. First issue at hand is, she has had 4 employees since opening her store front in late 2019…. And she has fired every single one of them for reasons like her insecurities, her feeling “bullied” because her employees complained about her toxic behavior, for being unable (maybe even unwilling?) to set boundaries & then exploding over the smallest things. Outside of work, her friendships are the exact same. She goes through friends and service providers (like estheticians, injectors, etc) like crazy. All her past friends and past service providers that she used to back up 100000%. once she’s changed her mind, she will try to bully anyone and everyone by holding things over their heads to believe her opinion is bigger and better. Manipulative, much?!?!? As someone who shouts from the mountain tops about being a mental health advocate, she destroys others self confidence, she makes people feel small and not good enough, and she tries to sabotage their reputations. She even fired one employee because she had a extreme panic attack and had to call into work and told that girl that her mental health was exhausting her and she always had something wrong with her. She continues to talk sh1t about her to her current clients at the time, who many have said they will never go back to her again because of how hateful she was talking about her. She still posts subliminal digs on her insta story. She has purposefully gone out of her way to tarnish her reputation. At some point in 2021, she posted all about a mental health retreat she went on and how it changed her life (now she’s a brand ambassador for lol). Then she fired her other two employees (studio manager and injector). At first she was saying I wish them nothing but the best etc… it took maybe two days? until she started gaslighting them on her story, posting subliminal and very direct stories about them. She began hyping up her doing a live (it’s still on her timeline if you want a good laugh) to explain to all her followers why she fired them, but didn’t do it until a week later to gain that momentum. Mind you, THIS IS ALL IN THE NAME OF HER MENTAL HEALTH!!!! It doesn’t matter about anyone else’s. Just hers, and she’s the victim. Her entire stance for firing them is because they are “mean girls” but SHE is being a mean girl. Calling them keyboard warriors, while being a keyboard warrior. Especially on the live she did….. she looks completely insane. She was crying alligator tears, half of what she said didn’t make sense, and she tried to make it about “being vulnerable” but used her platform to drag those employees. After hyping it up, she was extremely vague, except she made sure to completely and blatantly slander her previous employees. She literally admitted she fired them because she listened to them over the security cameras (which is illegal in Texas unless both parties consent and it is a medspa so that violates HIPAA) and they were talking bad about her…. I’m sorry, but grow some balls. If you want to be a boss, you should expect some days your employees will be annoyed with you or disagree with you?!? That’s no reason to fire anyone, especially without ever addressing the issue, even though she broke the law to find that information out. Best part is they were just talking about how she has no friends…. Which she doesn’t. Anyone who hyped her up on Instagram are random people who are brown nosing, clients who are ignorant to her lack of professionalism, and people she’s never met in real life LOL. I guess the truth hurts, huh Nicole? She is absolutely disgusting on the inside and no amount of filler in her face will ever fix that. People need to wake up and pay attention, she is clearly showing her true colors, not just on social media, but how she’s runs her mouth to anyone who will listen. sure, she’s pretty good at brows, but it’s not about her quality of work anymore. it’s about her integrity and her character. it is about how she treats others. She is harsh, rude, and abrasive to anyone who tries to speak their own truth about her, how she runs her business, or her work. Just go look at how she responds to negative reviews on Yelp and google. She’s lost so many followers (which most of hers a bought anyways), she’s lost clients because of her behavior, and she is well on her way to burning her business to the ground. I for one Will throw a party when she does, because she has earned every bit of bad karma coming her way… and it’s slowly happening. Sit back and watch, people. It’s better than the drama on any reality tv show. Check out the insta story screenshots that show how truly Repulsive she is at her core.

Published at Thu, 20 Jan 2022 18:3:1 GMT

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