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Source: nna Nguyen Thi Phuong Anh – the Notorious Marriage of Convenience/Marr…

Thi Phuong Anh Nguyen (or Anna Nguyen – [REDACTED] ) – an ambitious immigrant who tries to scam her way into our [REDACTED] Anna first opened her illegal eyelash extensions business called Anna [REDACTED]  back in August 2020. She never registered her business license back then and never paid a cent of taxes for this country. She was a D student at [REDACTED] and was working illegally full time under her student/study permit even though the permit does not allow her to work full time. She was never certified to do volume lashes and had never taken any VOLUME lash courses, but she provides services to innocent Kamloops girls anyways. She does not know how to make fresh volume fans and strictly only uses pre-made fans that she bought from Asia for dirt cheap prices then charging them an arm and a leg. Which is why so many clients of her complained about the bad retention. She talks trash about other experienced lash artists in town behind their backs to her clients while still acts innocent in front of them. But that is not all what is wrong with this ugly inside out Canadian wannabe! Within the span of 6 months, she used her Pu$$y power to try to marry at least 3 guys in Kamloops, so that she could get permanent residency by being their spouse. Her first victim was Derek Brunner whom she asked to help back in 2021. At first he only agreed to a common law relationship but Anna knew the spouse application is always faster and certain even in the case of them breaking up, so she tricked him into thinking they had to get married for the application to work. He agreed to help and they opened a joint account together, bought the rings, did a lot of things on papers together to show that the marriage was legit. But their relationship eventually didn’t work out and so was the deal. Right after the breakup with Derek in May 2021, she slept with a ton of guys in Kamloops trying to find the next victim. Finally in June/July, one of her lash clients hooked her up with Donavin Arkley, who was also a scam artist in Kamloops. He told her he was a law student, flipping cars and doing business as a job, and that he might be moving to Alberta for pipelining and would be making $400k/year. Knowing she has found the perfect victim, within 1 month of hook-up, they became official (only more than 1 month after her breakup with Derek), to have a wedding and to buy a house together soon. However, when they went to the banks, they disqualified for any loans because both of them worked illegally and never paid taxes and did not have enough income or cash. That was when Anna found out Donavin was actually broke and was not doing that well financially as he said. She tried to stop the wedding and break up with him soon after finding out there’s no point in marrying a brokeass just to get the green card. Unfortunately, before she could, he got into a motorcycle accident and died on the scene. The same day that she went to Donavin’s funeral, she met Jessie James Bagabuyo through a friend. This time she knew she found the perfect victim because she knew he has a house, 2 cars, a snowmobile and lots of expensive stuff so he must be rich. She tried to lovebomb him at the beginning, showering with the most expensive gifts in the world to make him fall for her. And soon after, within 5-6 months of dating, they got married on [REDACTED] , a secret wedding that both of them tried to hide from everyone, just so she could get her green card. This is called Marriage of Convenience by laws and is a serious fraudulent activity that Anna committed without hesitance. It had been her plans for years. so if you are in Kamloops, stay away from her. She is bad news and will destroy your life with her scams just so she can get what she wants.

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Discovered at: nna Nguyen Thi Phuong Anh – the Notorious Marriage of Convenience/Marr …

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