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None stop barkingPosted by Private 2 days ago

Union City, CA 94587 USDispite calling the police several times, the owers refuse to quite their dog. I can’t even go in my back yard without this dog attacking the fence and barking. I’m not talking about a little barking, it is constant. The entire time we’re in the back yard, open the side door or garage. It’s complete misery living next to these people! I hate spending city resourses calling the police. The neighbors take the warning and obviously toss it in the trash. Aparently they’re used to the police, they show up frequently on unrelated issues as well. This is a beautiful and quite neighborhood with the exception of this trailer trash.           

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CommentsWho Voted written by sneaky 19 hours ago Rating: 0 | Rate Comment: + – I understand what your going through,though i don’t have it as bad as you. We had NO dogs (that you could hear)on our street. 2 houses were built across from us (small road)they had 1 dog when they moved in now they have 3 and they talked the next door people into getting a boxer so they put them out all at once, in the spring when you want your windows open “it’s a killer” I myself like all animals (i have 2 cats)but i would respect my neighbors. People think we want to hear barking dogs I’ve joked with my husband and said we should get a rooster and see how they like it. We too can’t leave or come home without them barking either outside or in there house.



written by J.D 1 day 19 hours ago Rating: 0 | Rate Comment: + – This really has to suck for you!! There always has to be that one household that spoils it for everyone!! Hopefully they will get into trouble and get incarcerated!!!!!!! Good Luck!!!!!!!!

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