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Source: {o}PII / other panther


the tale of P pet tard of inept “lore master” and serial socker is one which has stretched (much like his asshole) across many sites from (onion farms) to [do not link directly use] , if you search for unban P on kiwifarms these are the results, (

now, you may find yourself asking “how in the fuck did this al begin?” very astute kind reader
“A man deprived of his chat” P



this is also why onion farms has a chat, the wave of new users were chat fags.



Every month sometimes every week P would make an account wherin he’d ask why he was b& all the while he rightfully admonished the over moderation of kiwi farms, (
This led to his temporary ban becoming a permanent ban.
The user below P is an elder of onion farms who flew to close to the sun and burnt out on internet famous cows, the pair decided to share accounts in a desperate bid to get banned and possibly have some fun, pink panther the user who lent Phis account sent nool an angry email since nool is prone to lying about banned users he said one of them was responsible for a slew of gore spam.


due to P and other posters of varied quality being b& left right and center by nool and power hungry mods, a bona fide oldfag @The Fool was struck with a lovely notion which I found ironic since @The Fool was b& shortly after and migrate over to the current iteration of onion farms (which existed but not in its current form, it was known as and now
pic related: credit to @wtfeasymode


Banned users forum

I see this get brought up a lot. It would essentially be an extension to the idea behind Spergatory. When a user gets banned, instead of being unable to post at all, they can only post in the banned users forum. Regular users cannot post there, only members that were banned site-wide. Members…


P would continue to make thrads on KF.
This time he asks with a please, (
He mad, (
Which leads us to the individual who’s incurred the “wrath” of :opeed: P user @Kengle
When I encountered him in a thread on onionfarms I pointed out the similarity between him @Kengle and @Princess Little Piddles to my shock Ken replied with “thats my fear” (

Spoiler: op got opeed


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Discovered at: PII / other panther

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