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Tobermary Ct
Wentzville, MO 63385 US

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This neighbor claims to have the personal conection with GOD, and yet she is as Christian as the man on the moon!! She has accused other neighbors of neglect and abuse and yet she lets her 5yr old son wonder down the street w/o an adult walking alongside him. She has claimed that she puts her hands on her students and prays for them while doing this. It’s offensive to me and if the parents knew what she was doing in her classroom they would be offended, too. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in a higher power. However, if you don’t let the parents know what she is doing during the classroom time period, this isn’t concidered honist what so ever!! This sort of thing worries me. She also claims that she is so taken over by the holy spirit that she can speak in tonge to GOD! She has stated to me that her husband has cheated on her, he has made comments of another female neighbor in my presence. It seems to me that this snobby “So Called Christian Neighbor” is just putting on aires and needs to focus on her family and living the truth rather than living as if perfect because she is far from it!!!!!!!!

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