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Source: Pissy Krissy Bloomfield – The Dirty

Pissy Krissy Bloomfield – The Dirty

Tired of this snuggle toothed, sloppy t1tted, hood rat and her equally hood rat friends. She Does NOT look like she does in the picture. She needs heavy makeup and filters. TRUST me. Hangs out with other hood rats who sell drugs and sleep with other women’s men but act like they’re all that. Reality is they’re just trash bag, scally wags. Always down talking other people when she’s a pissy smelling [email protected] Lordy you’re a LOSER and deep down you know it. You’re not better than anyone greasy b**ch!!!! LOL

Published at Wed, 29 Sep 2021 19:3:1 GMT

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1 thought on “Pissy Krissy Bloomfield – The Dirty

  1. I railed this slute and filled every hole up she offered up,,Cause I’m a gentleman of course!! some great + 2’s on her and boy she sucks a mean D!! But the post is incorrect she is better than alot of people or females that is .. At takin the D!! G-luck there pissy to u and those fangs!!

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