Discovered on: 2023-02-05 09:05:36

Source: Public Intelligence Categories for Countries and Cows


A few new categories have been created that I have labeled “public intelligence”. These are pages rather than interactive forums. I will be integrating Twitter feeds directly into the forum rather on a separate wordpress site. Twitter feeds will be from both countries and people of interest. In addition, I have included the RSS feed from Kiwifarms directly into Onionfarms by copying and pasting the code but it is not giving me what I want so I will have to figure something out. I might want to see if there is a custom RSS feed that I can use to directly integrate Kiwifarms updates into Onionfarms. If it works, I will also see if this can be done with other forums.

The countries public intelligence section will be having twitter feeds from government sources as well as non-government sources that will be feeding into Onionfarms.

Discovered on Wed, 19 Oct 2022 15:0:5 GMT

Discovered at: Public Intelligence Categories for Countries and Cows

Learn more at Public Intelligence Categories for Countries and Cows

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