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Source: richest girls from each sorority –

Over 12,000 Complaints from Recovered from Wayback Machine

 Over 12,000 consumer complaints posted by users of have been recovered from the Wayback Machine. was a consumer complaints website which operated from 2006 to 2016. Today it redirects to a random blog on Blogger that has nothing to do with complaints. We are not sure exactly why shut down. It was […]

Rate My CopNearly 3,000 Names Recovered from Rate My Cop Archive

 We have recovered almost 3,000 names of officers reviewed by users of the original police review website Rate My Cop. The names were recovered from the Wayback Machine. In many cases the names came with comments posted by users about their performance, but in most cases all we recovered were names of officers along with […]

HoebookHoebook: Over 100 Pages & Hundreds of Names Recovered

 We have recovered over 100 pages containing hundreds of names originally posted on the website Hoebook from the Internet Archive. Hoebook operated from we believe 2011 until 2016. The site was dedicated to putting hoes, cheaters, and others on blast. Although we only recovered just over 100 pages, those pages were mostly lists containing several […]

Rotten NeighborRotten Neighbor: Over 1,700 Posts Recovered from Internet Archive

 We have just recovered over 1,700 posts from the long gone Rotten Neighbor website and have finished restoring them in our Rotten Neighbor section. Rotten Neighbor was a gripe site dedicated to complaining about your neighbors. It was launched in 2007, received a lot of publicity, but went offline in 2009 for unknown reasons. You […]

CheatervilleCheaterville: Over 2,000 Pages Recovered from Internet Archive

 We successfully recovered over 2,000 pages from the website Cheaterville using the Internet Archive this week. Most of the pages are profiles of alleged cheaters reported by Cheaterville users years ago. The rest are lists of cheaters from pages displaying the latest cheaters, popular cheaters, polls, and awards like “Cheater of the Day.” You can […]

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