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Source: Rush as sophomore transfer

06/20/2011 02:50 AM

*majestic pan*

Rush as sophomore transfer

What’s the rush process like at fsu? im transferring from another big state school. I rushed freshman year and got 6 bids, but didnt accept any bc i knew i was gonna transfer. I consider myself a pretty chill dude, athletic, good gpa, good looks, etc, etc

I guess a good house for me would be one that has good athletics, good gpa, cool dudes, and rages.

I was looking into sig chi, beta, phi delt, and pi kappa phi at my other school. How are these houses at tally?

Thanks for the input, really looking forward for fall



06/20/2011 10:50 PM

*accidental leopard*

straight to the point girls pov:

-we dont have beta
-phi delts and sigmas chi’s are hott, but also pretty different.
-phi delts are more on the guido side, and seemingly more athletic.
-ex is a little more southern (which isn’t saying much for fsu) and also fatter overall. and theyre more traditional.
-pi kapp is just average

the end.



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