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Source: Sarah (Alaska) Deatherage – a lying, thieving and deceitful little gir…

Sarah (Alaska) Deatherage – a lying, thieving and deceitful little gir …

This lovely girl has had her time in the sun. For years, she has lied about every little thing in her life. Her name, her age, her birthdate, and everything else you can imagine. Her latest trick is lying to hundreds of thousands of people on the social media app TikTok, telling stories of how she was shooting up heroin at the ripe age of 13, was a victim of sex trafficking, and other tall tales. She has decided to run to her last resort, strangers on the internet, for sympathy and praise as there isn’t many people left in her life to con and deceive. However many people she’s hurt is unknown, there seems to be many. Every time she would run away to feed her addictions, her sad little missing face would wind up on news outlets and social media, prompting the individuals she has done wrong to resurface and call her out on her bullsh1t. I cannot believe you are still doing this sh1t, Sarah. You are nearing 23 years old. Grow up. You’ve hurt so many people, ruined countless lives. God help the two kids you’ve managed to pop out. Hey, wait a minute, didn’t you say you couldn’t even have children? 😉

Published at Wed, 29 Sep 2021 19:3:1 GMT

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