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Source: Sarah Awad

Sarah Awad

Sarah Awad is a dirty sloot who can’t keep a man herself so she goes after married men. She is desperate to live the American dream. She knew my husband from Egypt and still came after him10 years later. He is not innocent in this by any means however she came to San Diego and convinced my husband to let her live with him at his apartment that he moved to while he was starting a new business away from me. We live in another state and he would fly back to see me every 2 weeks. Sarah spent 3 months living with him trying to convince him to divorce me and marry her. By the way I did offer a very easy divorce to my husband after I suspected something and he didn’t want to divorce me. He decided he didn’t want to be with her and sent her back to Egypt. I soon after found out through her posting on Instagram about their affair. I had a gut feeling something wasn’t right probably the first month she was in San Diego, I sent her a message through messenger and she told me my husband doesn’t love me and doesn’t want to be with me, of course she wasn’t brave enough to tell me she was in America with him I assumed she was in Vegas. This woman works on an airline and I’ve been told by those that know her that she prostitutes herself to wealthy male travelers in exchange for money and gifts when they arrive at a destination. She has also been known to supply drugs to these travelers as she is a party girl that has no family values, (hence why she is in her late 30’s and has no children or husband/bf.) This sl00t will F#@$ anything with a d1ck. My husband has been begging for me to take him back, sorry Sarah I guess you weren’t that great.

Published at Fri, 20 Aug 2021 19:0:1 GMT

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