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Perfection is what must be seen on Serena muniz’s social media Because we should instill more insecurities in young women right? we don’t care what you want to be or do on ur social platform, but if ur content is hurting young women’s mental health and stability to think ur Instagram is what ‘’happiness and confidence’’ looks like LOL we will blast u and ur edited life . serena makes it seem like its unfiltered/un edited when we clearly see the photoshop LOL. and Pretty much self-sabotaging herself cuz we all see her walking around and her body looks nothing like these pictures. If you want to see her, go to oldtown she’s ALWAYS there. Ladies follow women like Paige Hathaway, Caroline Candac or Sabina alexiia who Promote the same as serena- but the biggest difference is that they actually practice what they preach by posting REAL unedited ‘’imperfect’’ content showing their flaws and imperfections and their ‘’bad days’’ unlike serena who says the same thing but underneath a supper photoshopped pic of herself, I mean she just recently for the first time posted a progress pic of herself ‘’before’’ her workout journey, first off her ‘’after’’ is all photoshopped, just zoom into her thump that’s chunky and weird looking and swaying toward her waist from trying to slime her waist down LOL second of all, she thinks her before is something ‘’not to be proud of’’ leading young women to think that looking like that isn’t a GOOD thing and making girls think that’s her being ‘’imperfect’’ like I said Go follow the other women on IG and go look at what real confidence looks like. Serena is SCREAMING for attention, photoshopping ur body as a ‘’progress’’ pic cuz that’s normal right? Maybe actually go workout so your photoshop can take a rest LOL. Serenas Normal is be happy every single day, photoshopping her pics to match what society says is beautiful while promoting to love urself, she’s now into this whole shop local train BUT she’s ordering and tagging a billion things from big box stores like Fashion nova, gym shark probably to just Notice her (screaming for attention) LOL. Her stories when she talks to ‘’motivate and inspire’’ shes always using a face changing filter. Then she says she likes to model all around the world to ‘’show ppl how beautiful the worlds is’’, yea serena that’s great and all if ur half naked photoshopped body wasn’t in all of them. btw, they make pages for ppl who wanna see the world, they are called paid photographers who travel and captor nature for a living lol so thank you for your volunteer work but you can go ahead and take a seat. LOL Serenas social media is a bunch of posts of her best self / best life kinda deal. 80% of young teens using social media looking at pages like serenas impacted their self-esteem in a negative way it has made them feel more self-conscious about their appearance and comparing their lifestyle to serenas who always seems to be LOVING the Fvk out her life and traveling all while shes supper filtered. is that what’s normal now? Remember, serena pays for her followers, just go look at the list of them are fake accounts in a row. serena lives in my friends complex on the ground floor facing our courtyard n shes been trying to be instaSomone for 6+ years now And we still can’t figure out what the hell she does to support her lifestyle. she posts stories of getting 0 score but IN WHAT? her training isn’t paying her shlt cuz if it was, she wouldn’t take a 6+ month break and call it a ‘’regroup’’ while she’s traveling and going on vacas…with what money? you took a ‘’break’’ cuz you have no clients but sure let’s filter that to LOL. all GOOD trainers worked all throughout covid… Scottsdale is all about status and serena is not shy from wanting that, haven’t yall noticed, she can’t ever make it on her own..she needs ppl with followers to notice her and give her shout outs on there stories (aka a hand out) cuz she can’t get noticed on her own, by herself. BTW stop telling ur ‘’followers’’ that they need to travel more, most ppl have bills, a real job, and responsibilities, but serena wouldn’t know anything about that, if serena is going on all these Vaca’s without a real job and not addressing how she’s paying for her lifestyle, it gives ppl an opportunity to raise their eyebrows and question her and draw up their own stories about her since it looks like she NEVER talks about it.. She’s pretty much giving us a tour of how AWESOME her lifestyle is online and encouraging you to do the same, yet never showing anyone how she does it?, if u want to be an insta-someone u have to share everything, why do you think ur not popular and you’ve been trying SO HARD FOR YEARS and gotten nowhere. Cuz who wants to follow someone whos self-absorbed?. Change up your fake content serena. Shes so pointless to follow other than she wants to show off ‘’wow is me and look how happy I am and look at this sunset, look how motivated i am WOW look at me in the sunset, Look at all these new places I travel too meeee me me me ME’’ …. So lets talk about the elephant in the room, ur income.. is it onlyfans? Sugar daddy? Ur parents still pay ur bills? which one is it? Cuz those are the ONLY 3 options. Serena has no real occupation on her income taxes last year (yes u can look that all up for free online).. anyways, Everything serena is doing is NOTHING that a billion other girls aren’t doing online already. so we can live without ur shop local, use paper straws, here is me traveling again, and here is my edited a$$ in this bikini with a novel underneath about peace, love and laughter posts LMFAO. Literally, what every guy makes fun of ..she’s a BASIC A$$ Scottsdale chick or in that matter its worse shes just all around Basic cuz every girl in America(who doesn’t have an occupation) does what she’s doing LOL..IF SERENA deleted her Instagram today, literally NOBODY would care, shes not doing any service that we need. So that should tell you serena where you are in life as far as your online presents-nothing. Like I said I can name-drop a billion other girls who are doing what she is doing. We call them basics LOL. WHAT WE FEED OURSELVES MATTER.. the unfiltered, unedited, “imperfect” YOU is BEAUTIFUL & PERFECT so don’t let ppl like serena tell you the same but in a supper edited way while preaching. She’s not normal.. She only does and says things to gain fam and status. Practice what u preach serena and maybe then you’ll gain some real followers and respect. she’s all over the place. also on a podcast she said and I Quote ‘’you can’t put a price on confidence’’-serena , So where do I start ? hmm how much did ur followers cost you? How about photoshop? And how much did you put a price on ur confidence on ONLYFANS? And How much was ur boob job that now has a big price tag hanging from your chest? LOL. if u wanna photoshop ur body go for it, but don’t write a whole novel about how to love urself, UR sending the WRONG message to young women about what self-love, confidence and hard work SHOULD look like. JUST SAY YOU ARE INSECURE ABOUT UR BOOBS, LIFE, BUTT, WASIT and maybe we will leave you alone, cuz then that would make more sense and go with the flow of what ur putting out on ur platform. Serrena does not work hard AT ALL. We don’t even know what she does by the looks of it shes having a good old time traveling n when shes not doing that you can find her in old town.. so how is that hard work? she posts stories about being on her laptop in a coffee shop, is that supposed to be what shes considering hard work? what r u even doing HAHA. she posted once for ppl to vote for her being some AZ women hard working entrepreneur thing LOL how embarrassing for AZ if THIS girl is what hard work and entrepreneurship looks like. Damn. What a slap in the face to women out there who work 2-3 jobs or single moms, or even guys/girls trying to get through school and working, just a slap in the face. Step aside ladies, serena is taking the bell for this one. LOL. Moving on She also posts on her story screenshots of her followers/ fans who dm or text her complimenting her but there’s never a name, tag or pic of this person, she wont EVER post who it came from. But Yet some oldman from India DM’S her about wanting to Fvk her, she posted that no problem with his page and name for everyone to see., point is when its complements about her there is never a name or tag of that person making it 1000000% FAKE, its most likely herself writing to herself just like her most recent Q&A shes the one asking herself questions LOL. NOBODY CARES LIKE WHAT ARE YOU DOING DIFFERENT? NOTHINGGGGGGGGG this is not a jealousy post, we just enjoy all her dumb content its literally entertainment for a lot of us. Its like watching The Jersey Shore n being entertained by all the dumbness they do cuz its something you would NEVER do but you continued to watch it. If anyone is the bully its serena with her fake online self. Bye. Btw check out her post in some outdoor SD gym doing handstands look at the wights and bar in the background around her ‘’a$$’’ area. Hmmmmm didn’t know weights and bars can curve that way LOL.

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