Discovered on: 2023-01-21 03:05:32

Source: Shala Sue Maas BEWARE! 30 Year Old Typical Trash


Nik, Nik, this here is Shala Sue Maas. She’s your 30 YR old typical trash. She tries to come across as a good girl but don’t be fooled. She’s worked as an [REDACTED] ladies, and she’s worked at [REDACTED] in North York. She’s been fired each time for causing problems for the girls by spreading their personal info-now it’s time to expose hers. She has a daughter Kayla she lost custody to because she did drugs and couldn’t manage. She has a pimp boyfriend who goes by Kerr a.k.a Hardbody. The jeep she drives she doesn’t even own-it’s her old clients vehicle. She owes the government money because she didn’t claim the money she had made at [REDACTED] ladies, and she owns nothing. No house, no car. She’s a loser. She constantly talks sh1t about other girls in the industry and tries to cause problems for them. I wonder what her parents would think if they found out their daughter was doing all this??

Discovered on Fri, 20 Jan 2023 18:3:1 GMT

Discovered at: Shala Sue Maas BEWARE! 30 Year Old Typical Trash

Learn more at Shala Sue Maas BEWARE! 30 Year Old Typical Trash

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