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Source: Shawn A55elin Player, dirty Male str1pper, g1gilo, p1mp, convicted mul…

Shawn A55elin Player, dirty Male str1pper, g1gilo, p1mp, convicted mul …

This guy plays a clean wholesome image as “construction worker” and tells everyone he is a huge investor but fails to anyone he is a convicted felon of pepsi/meth trafficking and downplays his very long multiple prison sentence. 55 And never and no relationships that were normal it seems. Has multiple roommates. Dates floozy, older desperate ladies, lonely women and leads them on using them for sex. Lies through teeth and uses everyone he can for whatever he can. Will string women along and lie about his past. A liar, extremely cheap, narcissistic, and a sexual predator that uses substances to get women in bed. He is apparently dating a middle eastern lady who obviously is an idiot and has no clue about his past and who he really is. I have been told he does not use protection with women and has been with men in sexual ways for money. A sheep in wolfs clothing ladies beware. He hits me up my girlfriends up regularly as he is lonely and on the lookout for the next victim. Be careful ladies! His friends are all woman haters also and have similar criminal backgrounds. Being from Europe , I had to learn the hard way here that men are completely twisted and liars. Scary 😧 Beware!!!!!!!

Published at Thu, 2 Sep 2021 2:30:4 GMT

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