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Source: Silly Bammers

06/19/2011 08:05 AM

*abundant wine*

Silly Bammers

Its funny how posting “roll tide” and comment all over auburn’s page makes all the Bama kids feel important……….They don’t take being second in the state very well.

Bring on the comments Bammers and prove my point



06/19/2011 09:05 AM

*reminiscent marmoset*

Thank you for the opportunity to “bring it on.”

I think the point of the frequent posting over here by Alabama students is merely entertainment, and not as a point of personal importance. I do think it is enjoyable to poke at Barners every once in awhile, the same way it is fun to jab a stick into an antpile. Although you already know what’s going to happen, it’s just fun.

And of course, there is nothing that the Barn could do, even winning a national championship* that could make Alabama feel “second in state.” That will just never happen.

ROLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Did you see the pic of Cheezit holding up the big crystal asterisk?
Says it all.



06/19/2011 05:00 PM

*abundant wine*

The fact that you took the time to make a thoughtout and lengthy response shows that you feel it’s important. If you didn’t give a damn you wouldn’t post.



06/20/2011 07:18 PM

*kind snail*

Exactly. And I know that Bammers could never feel “second in the state” because they are too stuck up their own asses to realize that nobody cares about them except for rednecks. Congrats Alabama



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