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Source: Stefanie Gurzanski Cons Men Out of Money

Stefanie Gurzanski Cons Men Out of Money

Stefanie Gurzanski aka Stefanie Knight is a phony who passes herself off as a legitimate Instagram “influencer” and model, but is really a porn performer and OnlyFans nude model who attaches herself to wealthy men. Once she lures the man into a relationship, she goes on a luxury shopping spree before moving onto the next sucker. Her scam has been reported on in places like the Daily Mail, the New York Post, Vanity Fair, and other media. She was a fulltime porn actress under the name Stefanie Knight, but then changed her identity, got plastic surgery, and colored her hair to cover up her past. Don’t be fooled! She passes herself on Instagram as a “fitness” and skincare influencer, but it’s just a cover for her real job of latching onto rich guys and getting them to spend money her. She has been sued multiple times and accused of fraud and being a “grifter” [REDACTED] She has also been mentioned in a wrongful death complaint related to the overdose death of her friend Kimberly Fattorini. Read this: [REDACTED] for the story. She is a human wrecking machine, don’t let your daughters or father near her! People say she rips them off on her OnlyFans page, where she charges money for her pictures. Complaints on Reddit are that she charges money for boring selfies: “I won’t renew because if you follow her on reddit the pictures are mostly the same and you won’t find a lot of variety, videos aren’t that good and since you can barely see more than a very closed up scene for me it’s not that alluring.” And: “I tried her and found that she just barely has more content on her site than what she posts on Reddit. And she may have 1000+ pics, but they are the “take a pic, move my hand 2 inches, take another pic, and so on” type of pics. Very little variety.” Even the sex is bad says another Reddit poster: “It’s highly annoying seeing as how you are paying to see a video where she is having sex, but its….bland and boring.” Stay away from this woman, she’s bad news!

Published at Tue, 24 Aug 2021 19:0:1 GMT

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