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Source: Taylor Hogg The desperate hog girl of winnipeg

Taylor Hogg The desperate hog girl of winnipeg

This here is Taylor Hogg. She even goes by Taylor Marilyn Hogg. OK, OK, hahahah, lets spill this tea for yah’ll! Hogs is literary another one of those winnipegs hugest try hard whale h0es or should I say hog-h0e. This dumb h0e of a hog here tried desperately hard many times trying to get my man in bed with her in the past and such. Like asking him to go out with her to get some drinks or to hang. But luckily he was pretty smart enough to not fall for her sh1t, he never wanted a stripper or a chick that works the poles as a stripping hog-h0e with a big forehead as his “gf”, since strippers are a waste of time and they literally aren’t gf material. He was never interested in her at all in the first place to begin with since she use to date his old friend before. But once her bf got himself into jail she then tried desperately hard to move in on him, but he was smart enough to notice, so when she would try to msg him to hang or whatever, he’d only play along with the conventions when ever she’d make herself sound all desperate when she thought she can manipulate him into hanging out with her. She even once went as far as to telling him that she’s also a sub for sex, which made him feel sick inside and just plain damn right even more grossed out by her. Thank God though! because that made him want to stay even further away from her and avoiding hanging out with her at all costs, even if she would try to ask him to hang he would say “sure” to hanging out, but he never actually wanted to and never ended up hanging out with her, but just felt grossed out that she even bothered to talk to him in the first place. But lol! sorry hunny you weren’t the one and never was, like just because you’re a easy homewrecker hog-pig of a stripping h0e, that likes to open you’re fat legs easily and liking to show off you’re lumps of fat on cam, thats doesn’t make you beautiful in anyway, but just UGLY! no matter what! inside and out! So just got to say lady’s! watch you’re men! because this homewrecking hog-pig will try desperately hard to get any man she thinks that would want to get in bed with her. She will msg them a bunch, try getting them to hang, drink them up and try to have sex with them after words. Shes nothing but a desperate hoe, thinks she can get any guy just because you show off you’re lumpy body working at a strip which is only for homewrecker girls, get a real job you gross disgusting!

Published at Thu, 14 Oct 2021 19:3:1 GMT

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