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SW Huddleston Hts Dr
Mitchell, OR 97750 US

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Posted byvintagedirtbiker 153 days ago

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this poor dog (lab) has been chained up for 7 years. sweet dog. only has about a 6 foot chain.

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CommentsWho Voted written by meljus 62 days ago Rating: 2 | Rate Comment: + – I feel for your situation. I am a dog owner of 3 & it is never an excuse to chain dogs. Why have an animal? Many years ago my high school boyfriend lived near a junk house. They were a bunch of pigs with old cars & junk everywhere, to top it off they had 2 small terriers chained up 24/7. I got so sick of seeing it I called local animal control & when they proved to be useless I called the ASPCA. It took several calls to both agencies not just by myself but another neighbor especially after we had a severe blizzard & THEY WERE LEFT OUTSIDE WITH FROZEN WATER IN A BLIZZARD! They were finally investigated & the dogs were removed from the property. You are lucky he is a sweet lab because most chained dogs are damaged from years of no socialization. If you care make the call & keep calling until you see results. Unfortunately some states have laws that say as long as a dog has some kind of shelter there is nothing they can do. Don’t let it deter you every dog should be a part of the family not part of the landscape!

written by wombatzz 69 days ago Rating: 3 | Rate Comment: + – You need to report this to your local animal control/animal abuse agency:

Document everything you can for back up.

Take pictures of any “unlivable” conditions- lack of water/shelter, obvious wounds/injuries that are left untreated.

Knowing what you do, you are now obligated to help this poor creature.

written by Hero 70 days ago Rating: 1 | Rate Comment: + – Animal Control in my own area will act on anything you tell them, without documentation….so help the dog and increase your self-respect at the same time. If you’re worried about reprisals, call the police with your fears and get it on record at least. Police are always very dog-friendly in my experience, so chances are they’ll give you their best assistance. Female oficers are usually better than males in this regard.

written by dixygirl 79 days ago Rating: 1 | Rate Comment: + – Why would anyone get a dog if they’re just going to chain them outside? They are a part of the family. All 4 of my dogs are spoiled and I’ll keep spoiling them till the day I die. I agree – chain the owner outside & see if he/she likes it.

written by 1disgruntled 80 days ago Rating: 1 | Rate Comment: + – Should chain the owners dumb*** to a 6 ft chain. This makes me sick.

written by Timone 89 days ago Rating: 3 | Rate Comment: + – Do you have a phone number for her? I’ll call and tell her that I read on the internet that she is abusing this animal and see if she would like to give it up to me. I have two Lab’s, and a third would not be a problem.

written by foxyluv 100 days ago Rating: 3 | Rate Comment: + – May I ask why you don’t find a home for him and take him from the situation if you truly believe he is being abused? Cutting him loose won’t help the dog, but finding a home and taking him there as a group effort with your neighbors would be the right thing to do. If you really believe the dog is suffering, why wait for someone else or an organization to act? Stand up for what you believe and take action.

written by Noah 100 days ago Rating: 3 | Rate Comment: + – It’s sad that some think it’s ok to get a dog and let it liveon a chain alone. Dogs are pack animals. They either belong in your house or at someone elses’ house. Lack of education about animals causes alot of this, part is some just don’t care. Don’t fool yourself into thinking dogs need to be outside all the time, they don’t! If you have a dog tied out 24/7 get it a new home where people care about the poor thing.

written by Noah 100 days ago Rating: 2 | Rate Comment: + – Go to

written by Netrat 102 days ago Rating: 2 | Rate Comment: + – I see a lot of comments to get in touch with Humane Society, well I hate to say it but I too have a dog chained up, no interaction with anybody but me, I have to feed him or he would starve to death. Call the Humane Society and they tell me to take pictures or cut the dog loose and put in my garage and call then and they will pick animal up as a stray . COME ON DO YOUR JOB.

written by wombatzz 69 days ago Rating: 1 | Rate Comment: + – The Humane Society and other animal welfare and control organizations have limited resources and manpower. If you are able to get together some evidence (pictures, dates/times documented, etc.) why WOULDN’T you?? Everyone has to do their part.

And as far as you having “a dog that is chained up, no interaction with anybody but me, I have to feed him or he would starve to death.” WTF???

Perhaps someone should tie YOU up.

written by missyn70 110 days ago Rating: 2 | Rate Comment: + –

written by vintagedirtbiker 108 days ago Rating: 1 | Rate Comment: + – Thank you missy. Done and done.

written by duckie1234 125 days ago Rating: 1 | Rate Comment: + – it is so sad maybe someone could leave a note on her door telling her how cruel it is.

ask her what the dog did to deserve a life sentance of solotary confinment.

dogs are social creatures and this is torture.

written by georgia1 142 days ago Rating: 2 | Rate Comment: + – please please call animal enforcement or humane society and let them know the dog has been neglected for 7 years and they will probably do something about it. they will more than likely do something to help the dog. that is ssssoooo sad!

written by Netrat 102 days ago Rating: 1 | Rate Comment: + – Humane Society won’t work, been there done that

written by lisaspissy 153 days ago Rating: 1 | Rate Comment: + – Poor dog, My across neighbor has a rotweiler in the same position. Poor puppies!!!

written by vintagedirtbiker 152 days ago Rating: 2 | Rate Comment: + – I know. There are a bunch of us that want to just let him go when shes leaves to go shoping.He is the sweetest lab…and for 7 years has only been able to go in a 6 foot circle.

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