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Source: Unabashedhermaphrodite / Belial / The Actual Queen / Blaine Gaven Ross


Unabashedhermaphrodite is a post-merge kiwi farms user and one of the first to turn halal since Sean walker / Psychic Espoeon, @unabashedhermaphrodite managed to rack up a significant amount of posts in a very short period of time.


This might’ve been forgiven if not for their involvement with a tranny lolcow by the name of Commiedickgirl the pair set out to expose a cabal of Roblox trolls and made a thread in proving grounds which arose the suspicions of kiwi farms since it was alleged to be connected to Mike Janke father of Isabella Loretta Janke, likely not helped by claims of a repeated message to individuals DMs with random requests and odd claims of federal involvement.

Since the creation of their thread, they’ve started to post on and now the onion farms.
Update: they were mocked and laughed at openly and in private in forum after forum on imageboard after imageboard tried to claim they had a part in destroying and claimed ownership of a newcow @Sourpuss and @ElaineMilfer along with alliances with @OK Karen & @Cow Tranny & @Empresa both real and imagined. Once went down the tranny who likes to call itself erika real name Blaine Gaven Ross tried to take credit for Kiwifarms going down because mania induced delusions of mediocrity.
When he tried these tactics against Kuz a bounty was put on his head.

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dox here: (

Registration Address
719 2ND ST NW, AITKIN, Minnesota 56431
Registration Date
August 22, 2019
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Not Provided by State
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Alright Belial, you wanted our attention. You got it.
Kiwifarms Thread:…ne-gaven-ross-jess-ross-erika-starling.99380/ Archive: *
Onion farms thread:…lial-the-actual-queen-blaine-gaven-ross.1738/ Archives: * +…lial-the-actual-queen-blaine-gaven-ross.1738/ +

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Discovered at: Unabashedhermaphrodite / Belial / The Actual Queen / Blaine Gaven Ross

Learn more at Unabashedhermaphrodite / Belial / The Actual Queen / Blaine Gaven Ross

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