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Unemployed LoserPosted by Private 4 days ago

Tampa, FL 33612 USMooching off wellfare but continues to work jobs for 11 boys. Also has beaten previous wife and thrown down stairs while pregnant. White Trash Area Foreclosures496 ft²2.00 Bed1.00 Bath$39900.001186 ft²3.00 Bed1.00 Bath$99900.001008 ft²3.00 Bed2.00 Bath$116900.00          

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CommentsWho Voted written by J.D 3 days ago Rating: 0 | Rate Comment: + – For your benefit Miss Kasi I corrected the word in the post! Now wasn’t that nice of me! I did a kind act for you!!

written by kasi 3 days ago Rating: 0 | Rate Comment: + – I actually liked that word though 😛

written by J.D 4 days ago Rating: 0 | Rate Comment: + – Report him to your states welfare system!! And call the police the next time he roughs up the lady!! I hate to see my hard earned tax dollars supporting a loser like him!!

written by kasi 3 days ago Rating: 0 | Rate Comment: + – I would think he would have to be *orted* a first time .. before you can *reort* Just one question though.. what exactly does one have to do in order to *ort* someone?

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