Discovered on: 2022-10-04 19:10:17

Source: Victoria Vallejos ValleH0E biggest slore of Vegas and home wrecker slo…

So Victoria is the most disgusting human being you would ever come across. This b1tch will act so fake to your face and talk sh1t about you behind your back. On top of that she’ll make you seem like you’re the crazy one and play victim if you call her out on her bs. Biggest gas lighter and manipulator. She’s very sexual with all her friends. Sends nudes and videos and act obsessed with you and then next min she’s talking mad sh1t because she’s a jealous cvnt who’s gained weight because she drinks so much beer and is an alcoholic that she has to belittle and talk sh1t about her hot friends to make herself feel better. Such a sad girl. She’ll never learn. She’s always hopped from boyfriend to boyfriend using them for shelter. Beware men and women! She sells herself dirt cheap on onlyfans as well and will cheat on every boyfriend she has and just use them for a place to stay and free sex and if it ain’t good enough one day she’ll go out and find sex and have many threesomes with all her friends and their boyfriends even friends boyfriends! She’ll make a dating account online and find women to sleep with and their man. She’s very degrading and will do whatever she can to ruin a friendship yet still try to find a way to keep you around for her own selfish needs. She’s not a friend, she’s useless, makes shit money sells her pu55y dirt cheap, will fuk your man behind your back, if your friends with her she’ll definitely try and fuk your man behind your back sending them sh1tty nudes and sh1tty blow job vids so she can fuk them. She will never give your sh1t back either if you let her borrow something and if you care about her she’ll only use it to her advantage. She cares more about d1ck than her own daughter. Oh also men don’t fuk this loose sloreeee her pu55y stank and she sucks in bed. That goes for women and men. This girl needs help. She continues to be this terrible person and is such a slob. She doesn’t clean and leaves all her sh1t like a kid got into their mothers makeup and left it all over the place. Like a tornado hit her room or bathroom. Do not be friends this girl she is a horrible friend and girlfriend and person in general.

Discovered on Fri, 12 Aug 2022 2:30:2 GMT

Discovered at: Victoria Vallejos ValleH0E biggest slore of Vegas and home wrecker slo …

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